Slotsgade i Nyborg

Nyborg is a real Funen host  

Nyborg is an idyllic coastal town - a hidden gem - a hub centrally located in the middle of Denmark. A historic royal city that hides a story beyond the ordinary. The old town center of Nyborg has a history that dates back to the early Middle Ages.

Today, Nyborg is an obvious meeting point across the country. Both because of the town's geographical location but also because Nyborg delivers world class hosting.

Nyborg is also a gateway to the cycling island of Fyn. Whether you come via the international cycle route or choose one of the many other cycle routes, Nyborg is in the heart of them all. 

Sun, summer and sightseeing

We face the bright times, enjoy the hours of sunshine and head out into the beautiful summer weather. It's time for walks in nature, and we have lots of recommendations.

Experiences and activities in nature

Experience the tranquility of East Funen's nature. Watch the sunrise from a shelter, cook over a fire, hop on a bike, sling a fishing rod over your shoulder or lace up your hiking boots and be one with the magnificent nature. With mapped cycle routes and footpaths, you will pass extraordinary nature, lookouts with great views over the Great Belt, and Nyborg offers more than 40 kilometers of coastline.