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Experience the historical Nyborg

Nyborg Fyn Danmark Strand Bro


Sprogø is one of the most interesting island in Denmark. Learn more here.


In Nyborg you will find beautiful nature.


Nyborg has a long tradition of giving the best acommodation when you are on the go.


Shop in the cozy and historical streets of Nyborg.


Nyborg has lots to offer. In the center of Nyborg lies our old castle where the first constitution in Denmark was signed. We also have our local town museum Borgmestergården, beautiful manors, the famous Distillery and lots more.

Culinary experiences

Nyborg has lots of delicious food to offer.


Nyborg Marina is beautifully located in the buttom of Nyborg Fjord.

The history of Nyborg

Experience the interesting history of Nyborg.

Practical information

Where to find the toilet and lots more.

A day in Nyborg Municipality

We have asked to local families to tell us, what they would do, if that had a whole day where they could do whatever they wanted in Nyborg. 

A day of culture in Nyborg

Puk Lundemann Løndahl works as a production/stage manager at Odense Theater. Lives in Nyborg with her husband Kenneth Løndahl.

An active day in Nyborg

Rasmus and Ditte, parents of Aviaja, 6, and Isak, 4. Moved to Nyborg just under three years ago, due, among other things, to the town’s close proximity to the scenic nature by the sea.