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The history of Nyborg

Photo: Carlo Pedersen

In Nyborg, Kings and Queens have lived, the town has once been the capital of Denmark and historical manors lies side by side.

The history of Nyborg

In Nyborg Kings and Queens have lived in lots of years. The first Danish Constitution was signed in the great hall on Nyborg Castle and Nyborg has onc...

Borgmestergården in Nyborg

Borgmestergården has a collection of local historic interest in a well-preserved merchant house from the renaissance.

Nyborg Castle on the UNESCO's Worlds Heritage List

Learn more about the Castle project and the road to becoming a candidate for the UNESCO's Worlds Heritage List.

Town and Fortress - a Walkers guide

Welcome to a walk in the fortress town of Nyborg from the Middle Ages to the Present day.

By- og fæstningsvandring

Bestil By- og Fæstningsvandrings guiden som tager dig igennem den historiske del af Nyborg.

Castles and manors

The king and the king’s vassal lived at the main castle, Nyborg Castle. The most important ministers also had their estates and manor houses on the island of Funen.


In Nyborg and the area around we have beautiful churches. You can find them here.

Ancient monuments

See all of our ancient monuments here.