Nyborg Fyn Danmark campister


Photo: Nyborg Strandcamping

Nyborg has a long tradition of giving the best acommodation when you are on the go. Wheter you are looking for hotels, castles, campingsites, shelters or Bed and Breakfasts - Nyborg has it all. 

In Nyborg you sleep well

Nyborg and East Funen has many private accommodation options, where you are welcomed with open arms and warm-heartedness. The same welcome you will recieve at our campingsites, which are all placed along The Great Belt. In the heart of Nyborg lies our hotels. 3 by the beach and 1 in the centre of Nyborg. 

Sleep well in Nyborg.

Summer cottage

In Nyborg you can find a various selection of summer cottages. Find a overview right here.

Airbnb in Nyborg

Book your stay in Nyborg through Airbnb right here.

Motor caravan

Stay in your motor caravan on different locations in Nyborg.

Øksendrup Inn & Motel

Stay at Øksendrup Inn & Motel, with restaurant and private bathrooms in every room