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Culinary experiences

Photo: Hotel Hesselet

Nyborg has lots of delicious food to offer - from gourmet to fastfood.

Good food at an affordable price

Are you into good food to an affordable price? Take a look.

Gourmet in a class of its own

In Nyborg you have opportunity to experience outstanding gourmet food.


Should it be affordable but still nice?


Nice, fast and cheap food? Fastfood is the answer.

Pubs and bars

Are you thirsty after a beer? Find our bars and pubs here.

Specialities and farm shops

Looking for local breweries, vegetables, wine etc? Then see here what Nyborg has to offer.

Danish at its absolute best

Do you want to try traditional Danish food, like "Bøf med bløde løg" or "Flæskesteg med kartofler og sovs"?

Fresh fish

In Nyborg there are multiple opportunities to see and buy fresh fish