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Culinary experiences

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Nyborg has lots of delicious food to offer - from gourmet to fastfood.

The taste of Nyborg

Get inspired on how to make the best food from fresh locally produced ingredients directly from the East Funen soil. Here, local food vendors and chefs met in a collaboration to show you what you can use the king's pantry for.

Kongens Fadebur - East Funen quality food

Did you know that Nyborg and the surrounding area back in the Middle Ages were considered the king's pantry?

Back in the Middle Ages, Nyborg and the surrounding area was the place where the king got all his ingredients and his food from. East Funen was therefore considered the king's pantry - at that time it was called the king's cask. The East Funen soil has therefore over time provided good raw materials to the quality-conscious and today more than 800 years later, it is no exception.

Kongens Fadebur is today a network of local food producers who, with inspiration from history, deliver quality food and gastronomic experiences to you.

You can read more about  Kongens Fadebur here.

Especially in Nyborg and the surrounding area, you will find many different gastro experiences, which offer everything from award-winning beer and wine, small cozy farm shops, tastings and restaurants for all tastes.

Bon appetite!

Kongens fadebur

Photo:Kongens Fadebur