Turister på gåtur på volden ved Nyborg Slot

Attractions in Nyborg

Photo: Ard Jongsma

Nyborg has lots to offer. In the center of Nyborg lies our old castle where the first constitution in Denmark was signed. We also have our local town museum Borgmestergården, beautiful manors, the famous Distillery and lots more. 

Nyborg and the surrounding area

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The Mayor's Yard
Photo: VisitNyborg

The Mayor's Yard

The beautiful half-timbered building was a merchant house from the Renaissance, but today houses the local museum.

Nyborg Destilleri
Photo: Nyborg Destilleri - Produktion restaurant rundvisning - whiskytønder

Nyborg Destilleri

Whisky, gin and rum. Guided tours and restaurant. 

Nyborg Fyn Danmark Tinga Tango
Photo: Tinga Tango

Artists in Nyborg

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Nyborg Fyn Danmark Storebæltsbroen Mark
Photo: Michael Grønnemose

The Great Belt Bridge

King Valdemar built fortresses on the island of Sprogø, in Korsør and in Nyborg to protect the Great Belt and maintain the important east-west arterial route in the Danish kingdom. 800 years later, the Great Belt is still the most vital transportation route in Denmark.

Photo: Carlo Pedersen

Castles and manors

The king and the king’s vassal lived at the main castle, Nyborg Castle. The most important ministers also had their estates and manor houses on the island of Funen.

Ancient monuments

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19 The Castle in Nyborg
Photo: Julie Madsen

19 The Castle in Nyborg

19 The Castle

According to later sources, Nyborg Castle was founded in the 1170s by Knud Prislavsen, the nephew of King Valdemar I of Denmark. By 1193 at the latest, when the oldest source mentions ...

Photo: Carlo Pedersen


In Nyborg and the area around we have beautiful churches. You can find them here. 


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