The Great Belt Bridge

Photo: Michael Grønnemose

King Valdemar built fortresses on the island of Sprogø, in Korsør and in Nyborg to protect the Great Belt and maintain the important east-west arterial route in the Danish kingdom. 800 years later, the Great Belt is still the most vital transportation route in Denmark.

Facts about the bridge

Price: DKK 36.2 billion

Inauguration of the railway: 1997

Inauguration of the motorway: 1998

Length: Approx. 23 km

The West Bridge: 6.6 km long consisting of 63 bridge piers

The East Bridge: 6.8 km long with a free span of 1,624 m, making it the world’s fifth largest suspension bridge

Tunnel: 8 km long, making it Europe’s second-longest tunnel under water


Experience the bridge up close

Enjoy the view over the Great Belt and experience the Great Belt Bridge at close range on the viewing plateau, where you can stand around 2 metres beneath the unique construction and experience the bridge from a different but impressive angle.

Drive out along Hjejlevej and park at the end of the road or at Monarch. From here, you have to walk the last 500 or so metres to the viewpoint under the Great Belt Bridge.

Photo: VisitNyborg