Autumn in Nyborg

Photo: Michael Grønnemose

Do you want to experience Nyborg during autumn? We have lots to offer! Experience our festival "Norden i Nyborg" - a nordic festival with lots of interesting content. You can also see our historical ramparts in the beatiful autumn colours.   


Autumn offers events for all ages in Nyborg.

Oplevelsespas til Nyborg

Gratis oplevelsespas til efterårsferien.

Autumn on Borgmestergården i Nyborg

Autumn holiday on the museum of local history "Borgmestergården" in nyborg.

Græskarsnitning i Nyborg

Snit et græskar på Torvet i Nyborg, i efterårsferien.

Places to visit

Take a look and find inspiration for your vacation. 

Borgmestergården in Nyborg

Borgmestergården has a collection of local historic interest in a well-preserved merchant house from the renaissance.

Borgerforeningens Hus - Nyborg Teater

Nyborg Svømme- og Badeland, aqua dome

Due to renovation, the swimming pool is closed until late summer 2019. Opening hours

Nyborg Kino

The cinema in Nyborg.

Nyborg Destilleri

Whisky, gin and rum. Guided tours and restaurant.

The Water Tower on the Queen's Bastion

In 1899, the water tower on the Queen's Bastion was designed by architect Emil Swanenflügel from Odense.

Castles and manors

The king and the king’s vassal lived at the main castle, Nyborg Castle. The most important ministers also had their estates and manor houses on the is...

Ancient monuments

See all of our ancient monuments here.


In Nyborg and the area around we have beautiful churches. You can find them here.