Nyborg Fyn Danmark Lystfiskeri


Photo: Michael Grønnemose

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Fyn and the islands have 1100 kilometres of coastline. There are bays, coves and fjords with varying water depths, diffrent levels og salinity and a mixture of seaweed thickets and sandy sea bed. These form ideal conditions for seatrout - and for those who want to catch them.

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Where and how do I catch a seatrout? With local knowledge of the coast and its sea trout, your chances of catching trout and enjoying unique experiences will be significantly larger. The key to success is enthusiasm, combined with knowledge of the sea trout´s biology and living conditions...

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Seatrout fishing spots

The Great Belt coast from Svendborg in the south and further north past Nyborg, throws off many good fish. These fish comes from the numerous fine and small trout streams that flow into the coasts. After extensive streams restoration, these streams today house such robust seatrout stocks that fish are not exposed. So on the Great Belt coast there is usually talk of wild fish. One of the fishing spots near Nyborg is Knudshoved (Fyrvej and Slipshavnsvej), which is known for its night fishing in the summer.

Seatrout Slisphavn (27)

In general here you will find more but smaller fish than at Knudshoved. Fish the small points along the outer side thoroughly. Also try wading by the deep hollows which go in behind the marine station on the north side. P: Parking at the beach.

Seatrout Knudshoved (26)

One of the best spots on Fyn if you want a big trout. All year round very big trout migrate around the head, but the spot is best know for its night fishing in the summer. Most of the big trout are taken with heavy spinning gear, but fly-fishers have also caught some of the big fish that c...

Seatrout Nordenhuse (24)

Sandy reef coast, by far the best fishing at high-tide. Look for and perhaps even wade out to the widespread basins with dark bottoms. Ignore the long sandy stretches. Waders are essential on this stretch. P: Parking at the beach.

Seatrout Grønnehave (25)

Conditions very similar to Nordenhuse. It is worth spending a bit of extra time on the stretch in front of Grønnehave Camping. Both Grønnehave and Nordenhuse are excellent places for fly-fishing, as you do not need a long cast to cover the small belts of seaweed. P: Large public car park...

Seatrout Kajbjergskoven (28)

After a lovely brisk walk through the woods you find a couple of kilometres of perfect sea-trout water. Sandbanks with deep basins between them are broken by small dangerous mussel banks. The best fishing here is in winter and spring, but do try it out in the autumn, when you can catch few...

Seatrout Tårup Strand (29)

A long stretch offering fantastic opportunities. In front of the holiday home area and down towards Tårup Camping there is rocky deep water. South of the campsite down towards Kløverhagen the bottom flattens out and here people wade out to the mussel banks to fish. Tårup Strand is worth a ...

If you are fishing for flatfish, cod, hornfish or something else, you can rent a boat or go to the area at Knudshoveds old ferry port and the Great Belt Bridge. The bridge pillars, the harbor basin and the coast provides the fish with optimal living conditions, and the marine environment has consistently improved over many years, which has resulted in more and more fish. As something quite unique, Nyborg also offers fishing in selected parts of the moat system. This is especially used by children on holiday in Nyborg, but is also used by anglers for pike competitions, etc.

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