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Summer in Nyborg

Photo: Michael Grønnemose

Are you going to Nyborg during the summer? Then find inspiration right here to an amazing stay. You can experience our historical medieval festival "Danehofmarked", our beautiful beaches from which you can see the Great Belt Bridge, or enjoy a big icecream at our cozy marina. 


Summer offers events for all ages in Nyborg.

"Danehof" Medieval Market and Festival in Nyborg

Danehof (the parliament of medieval times) in Nyborg, the heart of the Danish realm. Danehof in Nyborg is a more than 600-year-old tradition, which makes Nyborg hum with activity the first weekend of July each year. There is a medieval tournament, stalls and tastings. There is entertain...

Ørbæk Market

Ørbæk Market is one of the biggest events on Fyn.

Open air musical

Open air musical or operetta from the end of July until the middle of August every year. In the summer 2019 you can see "Frøken Nitouche" - a classic Danish comedy.


The Tattoo is an ancient military ceremony with musical accompaniment. During the march through the town streets, the drinking haunts of the soldier...

ADP Boat Trip on the Great Belt

Further information soon available.

Kunst i vandtårnet

Hvert år lukkes der op for vandtårnet, når der sommeren over er Kunst i Vandtårnet. Det starter med en åbningsudstilling i Store Bededags ferien, og d...

Open by Night in Nyborg

Always the second friday in July.

Places to visit

Take a look and find inspiration for your vacation. 

Camping in Nyborg

In Nyborg we have four campsites by the coastline.

Hotels in Nyborg

In Nyborg there are three hotels by the beach and one en the center of the town.

Bed and Breakfast in Nyborg

In Nyborg we offer a varied selection of private accommodation. From classical rooms on houses to rooms in beautiful manors.


In Nyborg you will find beautiful nature.


Nyborg has lots to offer. In the center of Nyborg lies our old castle where the first constitution in Denmark was signed. We also have our local town museum Borgmestergården, beautiful manors, the famous Distillery and lots more.

Culinary experiences

Nyborg has lots of delicious food to offer - from gourmet to fastfood.


Experience our lovely beaches with an amazing view to the Great Belt Bridge.


Shop in the cozy and historical streets of Nyborg.


Take the kids to the playground - see our best right here.


Nyborg Marina is beautifully located in the buttom of Nyborg Fjord.