Danehof Market

Photo: Østfyns Museer


We look forward to seeing you at Danehof July 3rd - July 5th, 2020! Welcome to Danehof, a big festive folk party dating back to the Middle Ages.

Danehof i Nyborg

When there was "Danehof" in Nyborg, the most powerful men from all corners of the kingdom were in Nyborg, and it was just as natural that farmers and merchants also went to the center of the kingdom Nyborg - the heart of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The city's population multiplied under a "Danehof", and shopping was done lively from the town's shops and in every conceivable space in the town.

When "Danehof" is celebrated today, there is again a market and plenty of trade and leprosy. There is food and fun, there are trade and happy people. There are several markets gathered around the town. There is entertainment for children and adults - a great experience in the authentic setting of the Middle Ages.

Markets and commercial streets

The historical market is based around Nyborg Castle. Here you will find market stalls and merchandise in true medieval spirit and true authentic medieval atmosphere.

Our Lady Market is also an old tradition in Nyborg. Back in the 13th century, a food market was held on Maria Visiting Day in early July. And what is closer to bringing this tradition to life on July 3rd and July 5th at the Danehof in Nyborg.  The market takes place in the cozy medieval streets that spread out from the tournament site. Here, the stalls of food from near and far abound throughout the Royal Furseburslen. Here, tasty is a king worthy.

Pay your market tax

Getting to Danehof is free, and that's how it should be.

In the Middle Ages, it was customary that the town council was responsible for collecting the town's taxes. If enough taxes were not collected, the council had to pay from its own pocket. We have not continued this custom. However, we hope that you as a guest - quite voluntarily - will support Danehof so that we can continue to develop the market.

For just 20 DKK you can get your very own market sign so everyone can see that you have done your civil duty and supported the King's Danehof. The tax collectors can be found all over the town.