Ridderturneringer til Danehof

Parking & Practical information

Photo: Nyborg Slot

Here you find practical information about Danehof 2024.

Parking at Danehof

If you come to Danehof by car, you can park in the following places:

Dronningensvej 48
Incl. disabled parking


The corner at Nørrevoldgade and Ravelinsvej

Nørrevoldgade 7
Incl. disabled parking

Vesterhavnen 3
Incl. disabled parking


Road closures in the city centre

From Friday 5 July 2024 at 07.00 – Tuesday 9 July 2024 it is not possible to park and drive through the following streets:

Nørrevoldgade (No. 1-5)
Blegdamsgade (Resident parking allowed)
Møllebakken (Resident parking allowed)
Lindealleen (the gate is closed to traffic)

Road closure at Torvet (City Square)
From Tuesday 2 July at 08:00 - Tuesday 9 July it is not possible to drive through Torvet. The streets will be opened as soon as possible after the end of the event on Sunday, although the Square may not be reopened until Tuesday 9 July.

Vejafspærringer til Danehof


First aid

There is a first aid tent with a defibrillator in Slotsgade. The Samaritans can be contacted on tel. +45 23 95 42 07

Defibrillators are available at the following addresses:

Torvet 11 (Nyborg Library)
Torvet 2B (VisitNyborg)
Skolegade 3 (Odd Fellow)
Adelgade 6 (Ældre Sagen, here you must call 1-1-2 to get the code for the locker)
Nørrevoldgade 63 (Bastionen)
Dronningensvej 1 (SuperBrugsen)


Forgotten and found

Forgotten and found items can be requested and delivered to VisitNyborg, Torvet 2B, 5800 Nyborg.


Yes, you can bring your dog. Danehof is an outdoor medieval festival, so you can easily walk around the market with your dog on a leash.

You will find public toilets in the parking lot at Nørrevoldgade 9 and at Vesterhavnen 3.

Click here to open the location for Nørrevoldgade 9

Click here to open the location for Vesterhavnen 3



No, unfortunately you cannot. Nyborg Slot is closed as it is being restored, while the plan is to open the castle again in 2028. However, you can experience the castle from the outside, which is also really beautiful.