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Nyborg – The royal town by the Great Belt

Photo: Carlo Pedersen

Nyborg is a unique piece of Danish history and has been through more than 800 years. From here, kings and queens ruled the Danish kingdom and were it was Denmark's first capital. In Nyborg, the first parliament was formed and here democracy was founded.

The history of Nyborg

In Nyborg Kings and Queens have lived in lots of years. The first Danish Constitution was signed in the great hall on Nyborg Castle and Nyborg has once been the capitol of Denmark. Sounds interesting? Continue the reading and learn more about the exiting history of Nyborg.

Nyborg Castle at the UNESCO's Worlds Heritage List

Learn more about the castle project and the road to becoming a candidate for the UNESCO's Worlds Heritage List.

Route 10: Ladegårdsskoven and Nyborg Vold

Nyborg castle has been a favourite residence of the Danish Kings. After the Swedish Wars in the 1650s, it was extended into a fortress with a system of embankments and large bastions, the remnants of which can still be seen. On the Queen's Bastion there are four 18-pound model 1753 cannons...

Borgmestergården in Nyborg

Borgmestergården has a collection of local historic interest in a well-preserved merchant house from the renaissance.

The Great Belt Bridge

King Valdemar built fortresses on the island of Sprogø, in Korsør and in Nyborg to protect the Great Belt and maintain the important east-west arterial route in the Danish kingdom.800 years later, the Great Belt is still the most vital transportation route in Denmark.

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Hotels in Nyborg

In Nyborg there are three hotels by the beach and one en the center of the town.

Camping in Nyborg

In Nyborg we have four campsites by the coastline.

Bed and Breakfast in Nyborg

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