Portræt af Valdemar Atterdag

Valdemar IV Atterdag

Photo: Ukendt

Valdemar Atterdag named the annual royal meetings at Nyborg Castle as Danehof in 1354.

Valdemar IV Atterdag (1321-1375)

Valdemar Atterdag (which means "Return of the Day") ruled Denmark for 35 years and is particularly known for re-establishing royal power in Denmark after its total collapse in the early 14th Century. When Valdemar Atterdag was enthroned, he faced a divided Danish kingdom, and this led to a long and grueling struggle to regain control. During his rule, he experienced countless setbacks and was forced to make many settlements and compromises. Despite this, the king stuck to his goal, which was the restoration and reunification of all of Denmark. It was also Valdemar Atterdag who labelled the annual national meetings in Nyborg as Danehof. This happened at the Danehof in Nyborg in 1354, where Bishop Peder of Ribe presented eleven articles on behalf of King Valdemar Atterdag. This is how the 9th article read: "Our meeting is called Danehof and must be held once a year on St. Hans Day in Nyborg according to an old custom in the Kingdom of Denmark."