Portræt af Valdemar Sejr

Valdemar II – Valdemar the Victorious

Photo: Ukendt

Valdemar Sejr completed Nyborg Castle between the years 1209-1210, but he is best known as the king who introduced the Code of Jutland.

Valdemar II – Valdemar the Victorious (1170-1241)

Valdemar II was king of Denmark from 1202. Nyborg Castle was completed in approx. 1209-10 under Valdemar the Victorious, and actually got such a capacity that it was used as a meeting place for the parliament of that time, the Danehof. It was also during his reign that an actual town around the castle began to emerge at the beginning of the 13th century. The castle attracted more trade and a larger crowd during the first decades of the 13th century, which resulted in the development of a small town surrounding the castle, called Nyborg. The city was already secured certain privileges during Valdemar II. However, Nyborg's actual first city court was introduced by Erik Klipping in 1271. Valdemar II has a special significance for Nyborg for these reasons, but he is also the king behind the landscape law for Jutland and Funen called the Code of Jutland, which begins with the well-known quote "With law shall land be built" and led the kingdom of Denmark into a new era.