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Wetlands and avenues at Ravnholt

With just under 7.000 acres of land. Ravnholt, which is surrounded by large deciduous woods, is the second largest estate on the island of Funen. 

Ravnholt's history begins in around 1365, when the estate was reputedly founded as an ordinary ourlying farm. In 1400 Ravnholt was taken over by the Bild family and, up until 1504, the farm remained a modest suire's farmstead, the size of two standard farms. During the 16th and 17th century, the association of owners was expanded and it became one of the largest estates on Funen. Over the past couple of hundred years, Ravnholt has been owned by the Sehestedt-Juul family. Major extensions and rebuilding from 1845 to 1870 have made Ravnholt what it is today: a manor house with one of Denmark's longest avenues (approx 9 km), a beautifully laid-out park and a rich animal life in the surrounding fielsds and woodland.

Neither the manor house nor the park is open to the public, but we recommend a drive through the protected chestnut avenues stretching several kilometres, which lead to Ravnholt from various directions.

A considerable amount of nature restoration work has been carried out in the area of marshland to the south of Ravnholt, where a large area of wetland has been recreated. There is roadside parking in the northern part of the wood, with access to the area.

The ravnholt woods (Ravnholt Dyrehave) and wetlands are the ideal destination for a long walk. The woods are a breeding ground for many birds of prey and, during the winter, you may spot eagles resting there.