Route 3: Kongshøj Mill

Kongshøj Mill was built as part of Glorup Manor in c. 1850.

A water-powered hammer works manufactured farming implements, and grain was ground at the mill. There was also a turner's workshop and a bakery on the site. Kongshøj Mill soon developed into a large company employing up to 30 people. The works provided employment for many of the inhabitans of the parish of Frørup.

The milling continued until after the Second World War. A turbine was fitted to generate electricity, and operated until 1962. Following the renovation of the turbine, the generation of electricity was resumed in 1979, and it still runs today. The mill pond and waterfall still exist.

There is parking by the mill pond and a public green area with tables and benches where you can sit in the shade and enjoy your picnic whilst taking in the scenery and the view over the lake.

The mill is privately owned and is not open to the public.