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En kulturel dag i Nyborg

A day of culture in Nyborg

Photo: Puk Lundemann

Puk Lundemann Løndahl works as a production/stage manager at Odense Theater. Lives in Nyborg with her husband Kenneth Løndahl.

If you could set aside a day to do exactly what you wanted in Nyborg, what would you do?

We’d to start the morning with a brisk run on our beautiful ramparts. After the run, we’d go for a walk around our lovely town and shop for a picnic at the lighthouse at Slipshavn, overlooking the bridge, the Great Belt and Holckenhavn Castle.

In the afternoon, we’d go on a guided tour of Nyborg Destilleri and taste their delicious specialities, after which we’d make our way to Vinspecialisten Nyborg for a nice cup of coffee.

In the evening, we’d have booked a table at Hotel Hesselet, which is located on the waterfront, where we’d enjoy a wonderful dinner created by chef Lasse Poulsen. We’d round off the evening at KinoVino, watching a good film accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

Photo:Puk Lundemann

Photo:Puk Lundemann

Photo:Puk Lundemann

Photo:Puk Lundemann

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