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Nyborg is centrally located within Denmark, and has some good infrastructural connections. Commuting to and from Nyborg is simple and straightforward to manage. 

Commuting to and from Nyborg

Below you can read about the transportation duration to, for example, Odense or Copenhagen.

Nyborg st. ⇄ Odense st.

       Train: 13 min.*

Nyborg st. ⇄ København H

       Train: 1h. 16 min.**

Nyborg st. ⇄ Svendborg st.

       Bus: 1h. 10 min. 

Nyborg ⇄ Kerteminde

       Bus: 54 min. 

Nyborg st. ⇄ Vejle st.      

       Train: 1h. 5 min. 

Nyborg st. ⇄ Århus st.

       Train: 1h. 51 min. 

*16 min. for some departures.
**1h. 30 min. for some departures.  

You can find out more about the parking option in Nyborg Kommune by clicking here (in Danish only). 

If you are driving a hybrid or an electrical car, then click here to read more about the charging options. 

Beneath you can read more about the different public transportation options. 

It is always a good idea to check out Rejseplanen for more information.