Photo: Michael Grønnemose

Are you visiting us during the winther? Then look closer and see what you need to experience. We recommend you to visit our historical christmas market "Jul i den gamle Kongeby". The christmas spirit is on top and we promise lots of fun. 

Kom og vær med når vi slår katten af tønden den 22. februar på Bastionen.

Photo: Nyborg Kommune




Places to visit

Take a look and find inspiration for your vacation. 

Ancient monuments

See all of our ancient monuments here.


In Nyborg and the area around we have beautiful churches. You can find them here.

Castles and manors

The king and the king’s vassal lived at the main castle, Nyborg Castle. The most important ministers also had their estates and manor houses on the is...

Culinary experiences

Nyborg has lots of delicious food to offer.