Nyborg Touristguide

The magazine "Nyborg Tourist Guide" is an inspirational guide to your holiday in Nyborg, the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Throughout the magazine you find events and sights you must visit in the first capital of Denmark. Attendt the "Danehof", Nyborg's Medieval festival held on the excact same spot, as they had it centuries ago. "Danehof" was the Medieal Parliament held at Nyborg Castle. When the king assembled his Parliament, he also held great tournaments, where knights and nobility fought for honor. The king actually made Nyborg's town square his tournament site 500 years ago, and the square is still used for the anual tournament at the yearly "Danehof". In fact the site is the only original tournament site preserved in Scandinavia.

The magazine also explains why The Great Belt Bridge is a breath taking record holding bridge, and you can read about Denmark's largest ecologically micro destillery, which produces not only whisky, but also rum and gin. 

Are you looking forward to scenic nature, why not combine it with an active holiday in Nyborg. We offer some of the best fishing waters for seatrout in northern Europe. We have together we the rest of the island Fyn, more than 1.000 kilometers of bike routes, and you can easily bring your children and let them swim at our coast, which are shallow and child-friendly with clean water of the highest quality. 

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